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Offered 3 times a year.

The 2019 FALLWomen’s Bible Study is broken up into 3 multi-generational groups.
Each group of women gather for a time of fellowship, prayer, and searching Scripture. Together, we share burdens, joys, get to know each other & God better, and discover His practical wisdom for everyday life issues.
1. The book of PROVERBS. Meets at 6:30 pm on Wednesday nights at Susan Cobb’s house. Ongoing.
2. “WHY did God make ME?” This topical study meets at 7 pm on Thursday nights at Cindy Moore’s house (the Parsonage). Dates: Sept 26 —Nov 21.
3. “WHY did God make ME?” This topical study meets at 9 am on Wednesday mornings at Brianna Setzer’s house. Dates: Sept 25 —Nov 20.
NOTE: CHILD CARE IS PROVIDED for this study group on an AS-NEEDED BASIS. 
Please let Susannah know if you need child care.
Contact Susannah Kelty for more information.