South River UMC Preschool                            Preschool Registration Form

Our Preschool was established September 3, 1986 and has been providing a quality Pre-Kindergarten program for children in our area and surrounding counties for over 26 years!

Our children ages 2 through 5 attend three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our day begins at 8:15 AM and ends at 12:30 PM. We offer “Car Duty” for our families each morning and afternoon with the convenience of a Drive-Through Rain Shelter. Our staff members greet you each morning and bring your child into Preschool so you never have to leave your vehicle. In the afternoon, our staff members will bring your child back to your vehicle and help them into your car. This is a wonderful service that has been appreciated by our parents for many years. Our program runs September through May. Orientation is held each year on the Tuesday following Labor Day in September and our first day of school with the children is the following day on Wednesday. We basically follow the Rowan/Salisbury School Calendar for holidays, teacher workdays, etc. A  School Calendar will be given to all parents at the beginning of our school year.

Each month, parents will also receive a Monthly Calendar which will keep parents informed of special days, holidays, weekly curriculum focus information, etc.



Our Staff

The success of our program revolves around our wonderful staff members! Our experienced staff provides all our children with a sense of security, confidence, trust and most importantly love!! Our teachers are committed daily to demonstrating gentleness, kindness, patience and encouragement to each of our children. Each teacher is unique and special! All have much to offer the Preschool children with their gifts, loving personalities, and talents! All of our staff members have submitted to extensive Background Checks and have been employed with South River for many years. We are very proud of our Preschool Staff and our parents totally agree!

Our Curriculum

South River Preschool is committed to offering our children a fun and exciting  academic program in order to prepare them for a successful educational journey ahead! We believe a child’s first school experience is vitally important in shaping his or her approach and attitude toward their future educational endeavors. Our goal is to nurture every child’s natural love of learning in an a fun, Christian atmosphere where they feel special and are praised, loved, respected and above all, each child is taught that they are a beautiful child of God! We strive to encourage the individual development of each child by stimulating their creativity and curiosity with a program appropriate for his or her developmental stage. Our students graduate with the social and academic skills necessary for a successful year ahead in Kindergarten!

Special Programs

Special Programs for Family and Friends…

At Christmas, all of our little ones participate in our Christmas Program for our family and friends! It is always adorable to see our children all dressed up and celebrating the Christmas season!

We also have a very special End Of Year/Graduation Program which also includes each of our children. We have a formal Graduation Service for our graduating students heading off to Kindergarten. Our graduates enjoy wearing their beautiful satin caps, gowns, stoles and tassels for their special service. At the end of the program, we have a wonderful reception for all our family and friends! This is when we present all our parents with the children’s Yearbooks!