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Laity Service Award
Members of South River United Methodist Church are eligible each year to receive the “Laity Service Award.” This honor, awarded to one individual annually, recognizes church members for their valuable and unselfish contributions to the church and cmmunity. Nominations for this award may be received by completing the attached form.

Children & Youth

SRUMC Medical Info & Authorization for Treatment
 A Medical Information & Treatment Authorization Form must be completed annually for each youth participating in off-campus trips. This form discloses medical information (such as allergies, etc.) in the event medical treatment is necessary and grants the accompanying youth counselors permission to seek medical treatment for the youth. Parents/Guardians will be notified as soon as possible in the event such treatment is necessary.
SRUMC Self-Med Permission Form
 Some youth may take certain medications (such as treatment for bee stings, etc.) that parents/guardians feel the youth is capable of administering to themselves in a safe and responsible way. This form grants permission to the youth to administer such medications. (Note: Any youth self-administering medication must have this form on file with South River United Methodist Church.
SRUMC Scholarship Guidelines
 Members of South River United Methodist Church who are graduating high school and seeking to further their education in an institution of higher learning are eligible to receive a scholarship to help with expenses. Certain restrictions apply. Complete details of the guidelines are available with the application for downloading.
SRUMC Trip Permission Form
 A Trip Permission Form is required for each off-campus trip.

South River United Methodist Church has a Safe Sanctuaries policy requiring all persons who volunteer to work with children and youth to complete an application, submit to a background check, participate in Safe Sanctuaries training on a regular basis and sign a covenant agreement annually.  Our policy also requires that all persons volunteering to work with children’s and youth ministries to have been in an active relationship with South River for at least six months. 


Funeral Planning Info
 The South River church family wants to meet your spiritual needs, surround your family with Jesus’ love and work with you to celebrate the life of your loved one. We can provide church facilities and a burial site when needed and assist in the details making the funeral/memorial and/or graveside service an honoring tribute.  Please use this planning info as a guide during service planning.
Cemetery Rules
These Cemetery Rules were revised in February 2008.  For more info, contact the Cemetery Chairperson.
SRUMC Cemetery Records
This file includes all recorded grave info we have available.  We are aware that many more people have plots in our cemetery without markers.  For more info, contact the church.


Donation Form

This form is available for persons wanting to receive credit for non-monetary donations to the church for which you would like to use for tax purposes.  Please attach all receipts if applicable and submit to the Church Treasurer.

Reimbursement Request

This form is available for use to receive reimbursement for purchases that will be reimbursed by the church.  Please remember that before making any purchase you should receive permission from the appropriate chairperson whose committee is in charge of that budget area.  Fill out the reimbursement from and give the completed form and the purchase receipt(s) to the appropriate chairperson for approval/signature and place the signed form and receipt(s) in the Church Treasurer’s mailbox with one month from the date of purchase.  Receipts over 30 days will be counted as a donation and no reimbursement will be issued.